The soil needs to be respected in order to donate its fruits, but shortcuts are often tempting: the road is marked and the path is more simple. However, valuable things never come from easy or fast actions, they come from deep thinking and hard deciosions instead. Therefore we think that is man the one who needs to adapt to nature which sometimes is generous,sometimes extremely mean. Our soil achieved organic certification over twenty years ago.

We do not yield to the sirens of mechanic harvest. The pickers gather early in the morning in the first days of October, they wear their gloves and carry the ladders to take by hand what we have worked for during the year. The olives stay intact and the polyphenols concentration in the oil increases.

Quality also comes from the mill. The correct temperature and the right amount of grinding time ensures oil's organoleptic and aromatic features preservation. This long and laborious procedure gives us a high quality, healthy and intense extravirgin olive oil which perfectly embodies this land that is not exploited but cultivated. Time, in fact, hardly respects what has been made without him.