About Us

Federico, Giulio, Lorenzo and Francesco are four friends who also are cousins by chance. Lampasi in Contrada Stretto - Binaia is their starting point: eighteen hectares of olive trees cover the top of one of the Belìce Valley hills. Everything was planted by Rocco, a great friend of the guys who also is their grandfather by chance.

Federico is just a city boy, born and raised in downtown Milan. He works for the movie industry, television, and, in general, for every project that pays back diligence with fun, seeking a balance that is shifted towards the last one. He is kind of lazy, then very efficient.

Giulio was born in Sicily and moves to Milan later to study medicine, since he has passed the admission test brilliantly. Here ends is academic career. He specializes on wine, giving himself a legitimate motivation to drink. He rediscovers the countryside through the vineyard and remembers Rocco's one: the twisted and tangled line (that we cannot call a circle) closes.

Lorenzo looks more shy and discrete at first sight, but inside of him there is a world made of creepy drawings and artistic weirdness. He does not waste words or time and his favourite tools are markers, pencils, hoes and hammers. He is part of a brain drain from Milan to the south with his brother Federico, and probably his brain is the first one that has drained away, a lot of time ago.

Francesco, Giulio' s brother, is the youngest and the most Sicilian, by far. He is the first one to see the chances that the fields could give, giving himself a legitimate reason to make dirty jokes in Sicilian language. He works in Milan for two years constantly saying: "oh I love the city, but I would never live here". He is not very diplomatic (but he also has defects) and a great (and unaware) supporter of the destructive part of the creative process.

Last but not least, Rocco, the founder, who is as rocky as his name. A boy from the 30s who has the good earth of his olive trees running in his veins. He is a self made man with iron will, dedication and pragmatism: he is the best, then the worst, boss.